How it Works?

Be The Global Expert Your Clients Need

Global Ya is a platform made by Realtors for Realtors 

Our Mission:

To excellently and exclusively serve our clients’ real estate buying and selling needs, assist with life transitions, and create long-lasting relationships that fortify ourselves, our clients, and our communities from the inside out.

We Connect Real Estate Agents And Buyers to Certified International Properties To Make Safe Investments at destinations


Generate local and international leads


If you don't have a listing, don't worry. Simply shoot and post relevant, unique content from relevant destinations with your own contact info, at your own social media or emails marketing,  And with each view, you'll generate a new lead.


Why did we create Global Ya?


As real estate professionals, certified as International REALTOR®  by NAR  we were frustrated by the amount of time and money it takes to find and market properties and build a successful real estate business from reliable sources. We believe generating leads should take minimal time and money, period.

So, we created a great way to help every agent willing to hustle get into the business or grow their operation in a high ethic way, internationally. At the same time, we wanted to ensure buyers and  are able to see properties they really want in terms of quality, location, price, and investment faster and easier than ever before, Improving this way the quality of service they will receive at home country and at buying destination.

And thanks to Kordami Technology, We help bring your vision to life through strategic design, world-class technology and content creation. Through their lead into Product/Web Development,  Design/Branding,  Content Creation, Photography,  using their superpowers to develop, and instrument ideas and solutions to help clients get on the path to success with: Virtual CTO, Brand Strategy, R&D, Rapid Prototyping, Product Discovery.


How does it work?


If you are a Seller's Agent, you decide what exclusive properties want to be promoted worldwide, to receive referrals, from international agents; or a easy way to empower your team to have property details on hand to share right away to their clients.


As a Buyer's Agent, you can present any property, yours or not, to your client, with your own contact info! internally you have access to seller's agent and professionally agree on the commission to be shared. 


Your clients are registered to you and any properties or links they are interested in are presented with your info and branding. We provide reports of the links your client is interested in and their activities on the website so you can best support them in their search for what they are looking for. We have trained professionals available to assist you with any of the listings on the website.


We have the largest selection of listings for sale direct from Seller's Agent. We are just the bridge that makes things easy, and make sure only professionals work together.


11.6% of North Americans want to own real estate internationally. A few of your family, friends or existing clients may even come to mind right now.

      Since we aim to deliver tools and resources that suit your needs, lifestyle and client goals, The online tool is EASY to use and share, and full of REWARDS for both you and your clients.


      At GLOBAL YA! we open our doors for all our International Agents / Brokers colleagues to empower you to be able to promote, and sell Real Estate at top destinations providing access to selected listings, unbranded marketing materials, content, opportunities, and incentives with high investment profitability, and a favorable business climate.


      What is Global Ya?


      An amazing user friendly App, built specifically for high-performance Real Estate Agents & Brokers, Global Ya is a customer marketing platform with all the tools needed to capture and showcase high-impact properties , customer photos, Realtor profile, and Direct links to detailed information about the property. 


      Who uses Global Ya?

      1,000+ Real Estate Brokers and Agents Worldwide trust Global Ya to power their customer Lead capture, empower their teams, be masterbrokers of developers, or be a referral machine for international destinations, including many of the fastest-growing direct-to-customer  brands such as RE/MAX agents and brokers, Keller Williams, Century 21, Sutton, Coldwell Banker, Royal Lepage, etc. 


      What are the results?

      1. More leads: A mobile-first approach that maximises lead generation.

      2. More Properties: International Realtors upload their exclusive listings and are willing to share their properties to create collaboration.

      3. Increased trust: Establish brand credibility since you can pick any listing, and presented as yours, confidence.

      4. More sales: Build buyer excitement and compel buying action.

      5. Better customer experiences: Integrated with support, loyalty and marketing systems.

        What are the top features?

        1. Automated updated properties that the seller agent is in charge to update. Real Estate seller is responsible of making sure the proerty is ready to be uploaded to the market

        2. Unbranded photos/videos: You have access to direct drives from development and properties. No matter who uploaded. You might have the buyer.  Let clients visually fall in love with trusted properties.

        3. Safety and Confidentiality: You as the seller, will always be the responsible to get the leads, and get direct contact with Buyer's agent. Extensive range of widgets to showcase properties, listings ready to be shared!

        4. Marketing tools: Push  content to Google Search, Google Shopping, Facebook and Instagram to drive qualified shopper traffic. with your unique landing page, your company name and even your photo or logo

        5. Lead CRM control: As seller or buyer's agent, your can have your team on top, since admin profiles can be generated and you can see who is working and who is not, encouraging follow up for potencial buyers. 

        How customizable is it?

        Seller's Agent facing aspects can be customized to ensure brand alignment including:

        1. Name of who presents the property

        2. Company Name

        3. Logo And Profile Picture 

        4. Contact Info

        5. Only the Seller's Agent can modify property information

        How do we get started?

        1. Start off with a pre-approved Real Estate Profile

        2. Then run all 2020 free trial to assess performance.

        3. Once convinced, pay a 50% off Year fee Jan 2021, upgrade, cancel anytime.

        Integrates with: 

        Wix, Link on Any Picture, email, all sharing social media


        Buyer's Agent: 6 Months FREE Account + 50% OFF for 2021

        Buyer's Agent: 6 Months FREE Account + 50% OFF for 2021

        Precio de oferta $0.00 Precio habitual $75.50

        Master Broker - 6 Months FREE Account + 50% OFF for 2021

        Master Broker - 6 Months FREE Account + 50% OFF for 2021

        Precio de oferta $0.00 Precio habitual $495.50

        Seller's Agent - 6 months FREE Account - 50% OFF for 2021

        Seller's Agent - 6 months FREE Account - 50% OFF for 2021

        Precio de oferta $0.00 Precio habitual $149.50