Real Estate for 2018-2020

Are you updated on the information you provide to your clients?

Homebuying is an increasingly digital process. Today, 80% of homebuyers conduct internet research when considering homes to buy, and 89% use the internet to find real estate agents. In fact, millennials are currently the largest group of homebuyers (at 34% and growing). Documents can be signed virtually, homes can be viewed by video, and realtors are expected to be online.

So where should you begin? Start with a strong email marketing strategy. Formal, impersonal letters no longer do the trick. The fastest way to modernize your outreach is by implementing short, direct, and personalized email campaigns.

Use the resources only available to licensed realtors to show them homes they can’t find anywhere else.

RE/MAX Tropical with 13 years of local Experience gives exhaustive search and filters only best deals for you to offer to your clients.

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