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Contact Between Buyer's Agent And Seller's Agent

No Commission on Any Transaction for Global Ya!

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Global Ya! is a Real Estate App That Let Any Agent from Any Brokerage, At Any Location, Promote, Generate Leads, Get & Send Referrals Worldwide

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Top App Features

  • Contact Between Seller's Agent And Buyer's Agent

    No Commission On Any Transaction For Global Ya!

  • Up to 50% Commission Referral Split

    Empower Your Sales Team And Associates

  • Your Name, Your Leads, Your Listings

    Clients Want Immediate Info. Provide Accurate Answers

  • Build Community Realtors Worldwide

    International Real Estate Experts located in main locations where buyer's or selle's live and you can get their local support and coordination for follow up

  • Enterprise Ready

    Built for high-performance Real Estate Brokers and Agents who demand scale, flexibility, intimate support from a US based team and demonstrable results.

  • All-in-One Platform

    Global Ya! has all the tools needed to build customer trust, showcase listings professionally, create experiences and compel lead capture.

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